SOLUTIONS——Solar Sreet Lighting Solution Provider
Bluesmart solar could meet your requirements based on the different projects, customize any configuration & solution for solar street lights.
Wireless Solar Street Light Management System
Solar street lights exist problems such as single switch mode, inaccurate lighting time, difficulty in troubleshooting, and delay in troubleshooting, resulting in high energy consumption and high maintenance costs for the street light system. The wireless solar street light management system can realize real-time monitoring of solar street light transform through the Zigbee/Lora transmission method, remote turn on/off lights, change the working mode, power consumption monitoring, alarm reminders, etc., so as to achieve energy-saving management.
Instant On/Off and test operation
GPS time clock for programming various lighting schedules
System performance monitoring & data logging
Web or Mobile App account secure log in
GPS Google map asset logger
Dimming and PiR operation adjustments
Dialux Simulation for Government Project
Dialux is a lighting design software, the most efficient lighting calculation software on the market so far, it can meet all lighting design and calculation requirements. Supporting playground lighting and road lighting, it can quickly produce real renderings and schematics, output illuminance values, replace the inserted lamps at any time for modification and adjustment, and use the calculation results obtained by the software to make necessary adjustments to make the design work efficient and accurate.
Playground & Road Lighting Design
False Colour Rendering & Lux Calculation
Example of customer's project solution
City Electric Complementary
Complementary utility power actually means combine AC power and DC power together to supply power at the same time, so that no matter which power mode supply fails, the other can supply power in time to ensure the stable and reliable operation of electrical equipment. At present, the most commonly used one is the priority of solar power supply mode. When run out of the battery, the solar street light will automatically switch to utility power.
Solar & Wind Power Project
Solar & Wind solar street light is an innovative and complete stand-alone LED street lighting system. Combined with solar panel and wind turbine, LiFePO4 lithium battery, controller and one or few street lights. This hybrid system harvests energy from both wind and solar, store it in deep cycle batteries to power street lights during the night. Using a combination of wind & solar resources the system will provide a stable and constant flow of power to power the street lighting.
Solar Powered Surveillance Project
Our solar powered security cameras are used around the world to protect people and secure billions in assets. Perimeter Protection-Solar, Oil, Gas, Substations, delivering 24/7/365 surveillance solutions for your operations.
While we have expertise in solar systems, we also have expertise in camera and wireless systems. Our highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable certified solution team is capable of identifying, specifying, configuring, and delivering a custom wireless or camera system unique to your environment.
You can expect 100% excellence in unparalleled customer support, uncompromising product value, and custom solution engineering from our team of experts. Through our proven methodology of system design, build, delivery, installation, and support, you will receive a custom surveillance solution specific to your needs.
Product Design and Development /ODM Processing
BlueSmart specializes in the design and manufacture of solar energy application products.
ODM service covers the entire product life cycle from conceptual design to manufacturing to after-sales service. Our engineering expertise includes structural design of lamps, complex PCB design, technical configuration of solar power generation and lighting, size and weight constraints, mechanical engineering, etc. This expertise provides an end-to-end turnkey solution for companies seeking comprehensive product development services from a single source.
Our capabilities cover the complete life of a product from concept to design through manufacturing and life cycle management.
Customized Working Mode
Bluesmart provide 5 default working modes for you choose, while it also supports customized working mode based on your different project requirements.